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Mandatory courses

Course on safety in the workplace

What is

TheCourse on Safety in the Workplace is mandatory if you are a 3rd year student and need to complete it before starting the professionalizing activities.

The course consists of two parts:

  • general training course on occupational safety and health
  • course on specific risks in health care

Both courses are to be conducted ine-learning, for a duration of 4 hours each. The second course, in addition, includes an additional 4 hours to be conducted at Health Authorities, for a total of 8 hours in total.

After completion of the course and passing the final tests, you will be given a digital certificate.

How to participate

Read carefully the instructions for attending the course.

Health Surveillance

What is

Health surveillance is the set of health assessments carried out by the Medical Officer in charge to protect the health and safety status of workers, in relation to their health conditions, work environment, risk factors and the way the work activity is carried out.

How it works

The health fitness examination is mandatory and you must take it before the professionalizing activities in the lane.

Read carefully the document with the information you need to undergo the fitness examination.

Course on the protection of personal data

What is

The Course on Personal Data Protection is mandatory if you are a 3rd year student and need to complete it before starting your professionalizing activities.

The online course provides a general background on the changes to privacy law introduced by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the organization of UniGe in this new scenario.


How to participate

To participate:

  1. Go to Aulaweb
  2. Login with your UniGe Pass credentials
  3. Enter the "student" access key
  4. Accept the Lecture Hall Agreement
  5. Proceed with the online course.

N.B. Remember that if you make too many mistakes you will have to repeat the lesson entirely.