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AMAS Academy for Healthcare Management courses: more places, more time to enroll


For all AMAS - Academy for Healthcare Management courses, management training for complex facility managers and revalidation of the management training certificate, the number of seats is increased from 30 to 60.

The deadline to apply up to the number of available places is extended until 01/31/2024.

The class calendars have also been published, and it is reminded that for those who cannot attend in-person, it is possible to submit a reasoned application via e-mail to attend classes remotely.

AMAS courses are designed to meet the needs of the evolving health care industry, offering a practical, case-based approach that enables participants to develop the skills to fill managerial roles in the health care industry. They also exempt from the acquisition of CME credits for the year in which the prevalent teaching activity is conducted.

More information at AMAS.