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Final project

What is

For admission to the graduate examination, you must have completed all of the course credits required by the curriculum of your degree program.

The dissertation examination consists of the discussion, before a committee, of a thesis carried out under the guidance of one or more rapporteurs.

The thesis consists of a study of a monographic nature and may:

  • be experimental, numerical or theoretical in nature
  • be possibly carried out in companies or external entities, public or private

To learn more read the Finals Test Characteristics and Evaluation and the DIME Thesis Formatting Guidelines, developed by the departmental teaching committee and approved by the course of study.

What to do to graduate

If you are an undergraduate student, you must:

  1. Choose the degree session
  2. Deposit the title of your thesis
  3. Fill out the degree application online
  4. Fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online
  5. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  6. Fill out the questionnaire of your degree.

Remember to:

  1. Check that you are current with your tax payment
  2. Pay the stamp tax of €16 for the issuance of the Graduation Diploma (payable through the online services-payment of fees and contributions)
  3. Check that you have taken all exams and educational activities
  4. Check that they are all marked on your online career.


The Graduation Committee has a maximum of 6 points to add to the weighted average expressed in hundredths, based on the evaluation of your paper and its discussion.

The criteria adopted for the evaluation are given in the dedicated section of the didactic regulations, drawn up by the departmental didactic committee and approved by the course of study.

The final test is passed if you obtained a grade of not less than 66 points out of 110.

Withdrawal of parchments

The collection of Degree, Master's, Doctorate and Postgraduate Parchments for all schools takes place by appointment at the 'UniGe World' premises at Via Balbi 40-42 r - ground floor (opposite Via Balbi 5).

Info, timetable and booking on the page Diploma collection