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Incoming Erasmus+ study and traineeship

What is

The Erasmus+ programme offers foreign students the opportunity to study at UniGe.
Each year UniGe welcomes more than 500 Erasmus+ students from over 350 partner universities.

On this page you can find all the useful information about the application procedure for the Erasmus+ Programme and about living and studying at the University of Genoa.

Programme duration

The length of stay varies depending on the course of study attended at your university and the one you choose to attend during your stay in Genoa.

The length of stay ranges from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months.

Admission Criteria

If you want to study at UniGe as an Erasmus student, you must first be nominated by your home university, which must have a valid Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement with UniGe.

To be an Erasmus+ exchange student, you must meet all the requirements.

If the number of students applying for a place exceeds the number of places available, applications will be considered and accepted in chronological order.

N.B. If you do not find your area of study on the application form, please contact your university.

Recommended language skills

Your home institution, by agreement with UniGe, is responsible for providing you with support for the recommended language skills prior to your departure for Genoa:

  • All subject areas ITALIAN - B1, ENGLISH - B1
  • Medicine ITALIAN - B1
  • Economics ITALIAN - B1, ENGLISH - B1 (1st cycle students) - B2 (2nd cycle students)
  • Architecture ITALIAN - A2 (compulsory), ENGLISH - B2

How to participate

Fill out the application form
N.B. Do not use smartphones or tablets to fill in the application form, as this may cause errors. If you experience technical problems during the online procedure, please send an email to

When entering names and addresses, please use the English or Italian alphabet and do not use special characters. If names or addresses contain special characters, please use the following characters instead:

  • a instead of °á,â,ã,ä,å,ă,ą
  • e instead of è,é,ê,ë,ę,ě
  • i instead of ì,í,î,ï,ĩ,ī,ĭ
  • o instead of ò,ó,ô,õ,ō,ŏ,ő,ǿ
  • u instead of ù,ú,û,ũ,ū,ŭ,ů
  • c instead of ç,ĉ,ċ,č
  • n instead of ñ,ň,ń
  • l instead of ł
  • oe instead of ö
  • ss instead of ß
  • ue instead of ü

If you do not find the name of your place of birth in the list included in the Application Form, please select the option Other, as indicated in the copy of my identity documents and send the copy of a valid identity document (passport or ID card), attached to the complete Application Form.

The name of your place of birth is not included in the list.
Check that the e-mail address indicated in the application form is correct, as all official communications will be sent to you by e-mail.

On completion of data entry, two options are available:

  • Confirmation of data: by selecting this option, you will create the final version of your Application Form and your data will be registered in UniGe's Erasmus + Incoming database. It is no longer possible to make changes through the online procedure; in case of changes, you must contact the International Mobility Office
  • directly.
  • Cancellation: if you select this option, all data entered will be deleted and you will have to start a new online procedure.

N.B. If you do not confirm your application, your data will not be registered in the UniGe Erasmus + Incoming database.

After confirmation, two options are available:

  • save: if you wish to save a PDF version of the application form on your computer
  • print: if you wish to print the application form.

Once saved or printed, the application form must be signed and stamped by the university of origin.

The signed and stamped application form must only be sent by e-mail to directly from the International Office of the home university.
N.B. Emails sent from unofficial email addresses or from student addresses (, will not be taken into account.

The complete application form sent by e-mail from the university of origin must reach the International Mobility Office.

The application procedure will be completed when

  • our International Mobility Office receives the completed, signed and stamped application form
  • the application form is sent to
  • you receive the official confirmation message from our International Mobility Office

Are you a non-EU citizen?

If you are a non-EU citizen, before coming to Italy for Erasmus+ at UniGe, consult the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the page dedicated to consular services or the Italian Consulate, to find out if you need a visa to enter Italy.

Keep in mind that if you meet the requirements for a visa, but do not obtain a student visa, you cannot register.

If you need a visa, UniGe can issue a Letter of Invitation, containing details of the Erasmus+ period.

N.B.Before requesting the invitation letter, please ensure that your application form has arrived at our International Mobility Office (you should have received a confirmation message).

In order to issue the Letter of Invitation, we only need to receive the following documents by e-mail:

  • Request for issuance duly signed by the applicant, containing the full address of the Italian Embassy or Consulate where you have applied for the visa.
  • Copy of a valid passport

The invitation letter will be issued no earlier than 15 days after receipt of the documents listed above.

Please note that the letter of invitation will only be issued if:

  • the above-mentioned documents have been sent in the required manner
  • the required documents are complete
  • the passport is valid

UniGe will communicate any changes requested by you or your home institution to the Italian Embassy where you applied for the visa.

Your home institution and UniGe will assist, when necessary, in securing visas for incoming participants from your home institution, in accordance with the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Information and assistance can be provided by the International Mobility Sector.

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Your home institution and UniGe will assist you in obtaining insurance, in accordance with the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

UniGe will inform you of cases in which insurance cover is not automatically provided.

Information and assistance can be provided by UNIPOL-SAI, div. La Fondiaria (liability insurance no. 151189675, expiring 30/06/2020)

Where do you come from?

Bring with you the European Health Service card issued in your country of residence.

If you need check-ups medications, you can contact any general practitioner free of charge (a list of general practitioners is available on request from the International Mobility Department).

The general practitioner may prescribe specific medicines or tests.

In Genoa, specific examinations must be booked by phoning:

CUP (Central Reservation Office)

tel. 800 098 543 (only from a landline)
tel. 010 538 3400 (also from mobile phones)
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
tel. 800098543 (toll-free from landline and mobile)
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, except Saturdays
N.B.It is not necessary to contact the National Health Service (NHS).

Visit the page dedicated to health care

When you arrive

Register with the International Mobility Office

This is the first office you should visit (don't forget to bring a valid ID with you).

Here you will be able to:

  • register and complete the enrollment
  • receive your matriculation number and the necessary documents
  • you will receive the badge
  • required for access to laboratories, libraries and student canteens.

After enrolment you will be able to access all the facilities and services to which you are entitled as a UniGe student.

You will also receive all useful information about the professor responsible for your Erasmus exchange at UniGe. If necessary, ask for his or her counselling hours and other contacts directly at the Erasmus Office of the UniGe department you are directed to.

Go to the Welcome Office

This office can help you

  • find the best accommodation for your needs
  • apply for a tax code
  • apply for a residence permit (only for non-EU citizens)

Contact the professor responsible for the exchange

Contact the professor in charge of the exchange, listed in the Erasmus+ stay details section of the application form.

He/she will support you in matters concerning your study/training plan (learning agreement) and course units.

Contact the International Office of the UniGe Department to which you are directed: they will provide you with all useful information about our organisation, academic calendar and course units.

Your UniGePASS credentials

Once registered at UniGe by the International Mobility Office, you will be given a UniGePASS account to access all online services, such as:

  • wifi internet access
  • student webmail
  • e-learning and classroom web
  • use of university computers
  • library services
  • etc.

Living and Studying at UniGe

For information on accommodation, canteens, transport, other services and leisure, visit the dedicated page.

Student activities


The GEG (Gruppo Erasmus Genova) is a non-profit student organisation, part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Its objective is to promote student mobility within the framework of university exchange projects, according to the "students helping students" principle.

The GEG is run by volunteers and organises many activities to help foreign students feel welcome in Genoa. GEG also organises a pick-up service on request.

GEG contact
Hotel dei poveri
Piazzale E. Brignole, 2


If you are interested in sports, you can contact the CUS (University Sports Centre).

Italian language courses

UniGe organises, with the support of the EU, courses in Italian for international students, completely free of charge.

The courses are divided into levels, from A1 (basic level) to C2 (proficiency), according to the criteria established by the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages.

For further information contact the Language Competence Development Department (formerly CLAT).

Extend your Erasmus +

If you wish to extend the duration of your Erasmus stay, you will need the authorisation of both your home institute and the professor responsible for the exchange at UniGe.

The request for extension must reach the International Mobility Office at least 15 days before the end of the registered Erasmus period. After receiving both authorisations, the International Mobility Office will issue a confirmation of acceptance.

N.B.You are reminded that the Erasmus period cannot exceed 12 months.

Learning agreement and amendments

You must fill in your Learning Agreement and its amendments in agreement with your home institution and the professor responsible for the exchange at UniGe (following the rules of your UniGe Department).

If the document needs the approval of the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator, you will have to go to the International Mobility Office after obtaining the signature of the professor responsible for the exchange.


Welcome Office - Reception of international students and users

Polytechnic School (Architecture - Engineering)

Via Stradone Sant'Agostino, 37
Tel: 0039-010 209 5660
Fax: 0039-010 209 9652