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Tesi in paesi extra UE

How to do it

What it is?

For the a.y. 2021/2022 the call for the award of 50 scholarships aimed at supporting thesis-preparation mobility for bachelor's, master's and master's courses (2 years) is now open.

The activity can be developed in Universities, Research Centres, public and private Institutions and highly qualified companies based in Extra-EU Countries.

N.B. The applications will be processed according to the order of registration on the UniGe online application system until reaching the maximum number established.


You can participate if you:

  • are regularly enrolled at UniGe (students enrolled one year after the normal duration of the course can apply)
  • have the language proficiency certificate, if required by the hosting institution
  • have respected the rules and regulations of your study course for the final thesis
  • have the pre-requirements established in the Erasmus+ traineeship

The scholarships promoted by this call are incompatible with other scholarships awarded for one of the following programs:

  • Erasmus + program for study or traineeship;
  • study careers where the mobility is mandatory to obtain the double degree
  • any other kind of mobility abroad supported by a financial contribution (such as CINDA program or Extra-Erasmus mobility)

N.B. You are not allowed to move into your country of residence during your studies.

Are you an extra EU student?

Keep reading.

If you are a Non-EU citizens you must have a valid Italian residence permit according to the current Immigration Law (as per legislative decree n. 286/98 and subsequent amendments).

How long 

The mobility must last no less than 2 months and no more than 6 months during a.y. 2021/22.

Please remember:

  • the last deadline to complete the mobility is March 10th, 2021
  • the mobility must end at least 30 days before the graduation date
  • If, once your mobility has ended, you are unable to graduate in the a.y. 2021/22 you will have to enroll for the following academic year

How to enroll

To participate, you have to present to the Course Council, through the Erasmus Office of your department:

  • the documents attesting the pre-requirements established by the Erasmus+ for traineeship call
  • other useful information for the Course Board to adopt its resolution

If the Course Board approves the application, you will have to fullfill the request form on using your UniGePass login to access and enclosing the endorsement letter.

After receiving the verdict, the Internationalization Service will contact you if you win and will then prepares the mobility contract, a document that specifies the terms of your stay abroad (e.g.: period, type of activity, UniGe mobility contact person, terms and conditions of payment of the scholarship) and must be signed by you necessarily before departure. By signing this document, you undertake to:

  • carry out the activities provided for in the endorsement letter
  • comply with the conditions for obtaining training credits and for the granting of the scholarship

Financial aid

The scholarship and the refund for the travel expenses, up to the maximum amount established, will be paid according to the following schedule:

  • 1 st installment after subscription of the contract and the health insurance policy:
    • 50% of the scholarship
  • 2 nd installment upon return to Italy:
    • 50% of the scholarship
    • Refund of the travel expenses

The second and last installment of the scholarship will be paid only after the recognition of at least 2 CFU credits for the activity abroad. If you have not obtained any CFU, you will have to refund what you have already received.

To receive the scholarship, the refund of the travel expenses and to have the period of mobility recognized, you have to provide, once in Italy, the following documents to the Internazionalization Service:

  • certificate issued and stamped by the hosting institution attesting the period of mobility and the specific activity
  • your activity report
  • documents attesting travel expenses

The activity abroad has to be continuous. Requests of interruption must be immediately sent to the e-mail address for their assessment. The mobility can, however, be monitored to check its regular development.

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Servizio Internazionalizzazione

Servizio Internazionalizzazione
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Internationalization Service

Internationalization Service
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