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Orientamento al lavoro

Il Settore Placement ti offre diversi servizi per orientarti nel mondo del lavoro, tra cui:

Scopri tutti i servizi di orientamento al lavoro.


Almalaurea unisce università e mondo del lavoro. Scopri come funziona, registrati alla piattaforma e crea il tuo cv online.


The Placement Sector offers you various services to help you find your way in the job world:


Almalaurea connects universities and the job world. Find out how it works, register to the platform and create your online CV.

Recurring events 

Career day and events

Join UniGe events and meetings with Companies, Institutions and Associations to discover their job and internships offers and learn about the recruitment and placement procedures.

Themed workshops

UniGe offers you to participate in themed workshops on job search and first contacts with the company.

The workshops are organized once a month and announced in the News section of the Graduates section.

How to participate

To participate, the on-line procedure must be carried out by noon on the day before the workshop is due to take place:

  • connect to piazza studenti aulaweb
  • click on Placement - Job Orientation Laboratories
  • access with your UniGePASS credentials
  • select the event and click on Book

If you can't attend, please unsubscribe. The number of places is limited.

If the places available are sold out, you can send an email indicating your interest in participating with the title and date of the workshop.

Informazioni utili

Tipologie contratti di lavoro

Visita la pagina di cliclavoro per conoscere nel dettaglio le principali tipologie contrattuali in ambito lavorativo.

Autoimpiego e autoimprenditorialità

Se hai un’idea imprenditoriale, UniGe (in collaborazione con Confindustria Genova, Legacoop Liguria e Confcooperative) ti aiuta a capire se può essere tradotta in un’impresa di successo, fornendoti informazioni, assistenza tecnica e normativa, affiancamento e mentorship.

Scopri le professioni

Scopri, alla pagina dedicata:

  • i risultati delle Indagini di Almalaurea sul Profilo e Condizione occupazionale dei laureati
  • il Quadro dei titoli italiani
  • il laboratorio delle professioni della Regione Liguria

Usefull information

Types of contracts

To learn more about the main types of contracts in the job market, please visit the cliclavoro page.

Self-employment and self-entrepreneurship

If you have an entrepreneurial idea, UniGe (in collaboration with Confindustria Genova, Legacoop Liguria and Confcooperative) helps you to understand if it can be translated into a successful business, providing information, technical and regulatory assistance, coaching and mentorship.

Discover regulated professions

Discover, at the dedicated page:

  • the results of the Almalaurea Surveys on the Profile and Occupational Condition of Graduates
  • the Chart of Italian qualifications
  • the laboratory of the professions of Regione Liguria

Learn more 

Settore Placement e servizi di orientamento al lavoro
(Placement and job orientation sector)

Piazza della Nunziata 6, 3rd floor
16124 Genova
+39 010 209 9675

Opening hours
from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm
Tuesday from 9 am to 11 am and from 2.30 pm to 4 pm

Settore orientamento agli studi universitari
(University study orientation sector)

Piazza della Nunziata 6
16124 Genova
+39 010 2099690