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Rappresentanti degli studenti

Programme Council 


It's the unit that can help you solve problems in your course. You can contact us for problems concerning the organization of your course and teaching.

 Main duties


The most important functions are about:

  • to mediate the relationship between students and professors.
  • approve student files (the plan of study, Erasmus exam recognition, passages and transfers)
  • evaluate the training offer
  • approve curricular and extracurricular activities (events, internships, conferences)



Mohannad El Saadi -

Simone Presa -

Academic Senate 


It is the UniGe governing body with political and didactic orientation: you can contact us to solve questions of university policy and space management in the University.


 Main duties


The most important functions are:

  • to establish and amend the regulations
  • offer opinions to the Board of Directors
  • give an opinion on the budget and financial management
  • manage the UniGe training offer




Representatives of students in the Academic Senate -



Eleonora Bondavalli -

Benedetta Motta -

Francesco Travi -

Francesco Tolomeo Sertorio Zunini -

Department Council 



The Department Council is the body in which decisions are taken regarding the activities of the Department. You can contact us for questions concerning the organization of teaching and research.


 Main duties 


The Department Council is responsible for approving:

  • internal economic matters
  • student practices (recognition of Erasmus exams, graduation anticipation requests)
  • educational offer
  • exam appeals and graduation sessions
  • research projects



Paolo Adorni -

Camilla Giulia Barale - (Dottorando)

Federico Celia -

Giovanna Dagnino - (Scuola di Specializzazione)

Mohannad El Saadi -

Rebecca Pisano -

Michele Ughetti -


School Council 


It manages the structures and departments that are part of it. You can contact us for problems regarding the evaluation questionnaires, the management of classrooms and spaces.


 Main duties


The School Board is responsible for:

  • facilities and services
  • educational offer
  • operating costs
  • examination of course and teaching evaluation sheets
  • approval of certain decisions of the Departments



Alessandro Cocco -

Santiago Minoliti -

Mattia Piccardo -

Rebecca Pisano -

Alessia Ruffini -

Administration Council 


Carlo Riccardo Aggi -

Alessandro Gazzi Velazquez -