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Tuition reductions by merit

If you have achieved the required qualification for enrollment in this course with the highest grades and:

  • you are enrolled full-time in a Bachelor, Master (5/6 years) or Master courses (with a study plan of at least 31 CFU)
  • you are in order with the payment of taxes

for the first year you will receive a reduction for the university contribution of 200 euros.

For the following years, you can get a reduction of:

  • 400 euros if you belong to the first merit band
  • 200 euros if you fall within the second band of merit

according to art.14 of the Regolamento contribuzione studentesca e benefici universitari.

N.B. The reduction in merit that matures during the last year of a bachelor's, master’s (5/6 years), or master's course can be used as a reduction for the first year of a possible enrolment in UniGe to a higher-level course.

You are excluded from the merit reduction if:

  • you have already obtained a total exemption from the University Contribution
  • you are enrolled or have been enrolled part-time in your final year of study
  • you are not in order with the payment of the contribution, even if previous
  • You have obtained scholarships from the regional agency for the right to university study
  • you are in one of these situations of incompatibility:
    • you have already been enrolled in a course of the same or higher level ("maximum grade" reduction)
    • you have already obtained a degree of the same or higher level (for the reduction "decili")
  • you enroll on the basis of agreements/conventions, also international

To obtain the reduction you do not have to submit any request, it will be applied ex officio.

Tuition reductions for family members

If you enroll in UniGe together with other members of your family, within the normal duration of the course and in the same academic year, you are entitled to a 30% exemption on the third installment.

Family nucleus means spouses, parents, children, and persons united by civil union or living together (ex l. 76/2016). The belonging to the same family nucleus is ascertained by ISEE certificate for the University (ISEE-U) or by ISEE-U-Parifird.

N.B. No other documentation of a fiscal nature is allowed.

To obtain the reduction, all students belonging to the same family unit must individually fill in the online application form by Monday, April 20, 2021.

The exemption is granted after the administration has verified it:

  • the regular enrollment within the duration of the course, for the academic year of reference, by all applicants. If this requirement is not met by all students in the family nucleus, the exemption will be applied only to students in possession of this requirement
  • belonging to the same family nucleus, certified by ISEE-U attestation

Exemption for international students

If you are an international student you are entitled to:

  • total exemption from the 2nd and 3rd installments of the student contribution if:
    • you have been granted refugee status in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 28 July 1951, ratified by law n.722 of 24 July 1954
    • you have a scholarship from the Italian Government in the context of development cooperation programs and intergovernmental cultural and scientific agreements
  • exemption from the 3rd installment of the student contribution if you come from developing countries (identified on the basis of the Ministerial Decree of May 3, 2018) and if you reside in Italy with a regular residence permit for study purposes.

Exemptions for supplementary years students

If you're supplementary years student:

  • of the previous order
  • of the new system, in debt to 31 March 2020 of the single final test or degree

you have a 50% reduction on the 3rd installment.

You do not have to submit any request to obtain this reduction: it will be applied automatically by the office.

Exemptions for students with disabilities or with DSA

If you have a disability or DSA you can have:

  • a total exemption from the 2nd and 3rd installment if you have a disability with recognition of disability under art. 3, paragraph 1, Law 104/1992, or with a disability equal to or greater than 66%
  • a total exemption from the payment of the 3rd installment if you have a disability between 50% and 65%
  • a reduction in the regional tax and/or university contribution with ISEE-U self-certification

To obtain the exemption for the current year you must send the documentation certifying your disability by mail to the relevant office within the deadline for enrollment in the course (the payment 1st installment) or within the payment of the 3rd installment. Otherwise, the exemption will be applied the following academic year.

N.B. UniGe will automatically apply the benefit for the following academic years unless the recognition has an expiration.

How to obtain payment of benefits and refunds

You can communicate your IBAN to the UniGe administration via the online service.

The IBAN will be used for possible payments of prizes, massive office refunds, fees after UniGe has notified you.

The online service will allow you to decide the payment method:

  • credit to the current account (recommended mode)
  • direct receipt with collection at bank counter only for amounts below € 1000.00.
    You will receive by e-mail a payment notice to be presented at the bank

Procedure for individual refunds

If you think you have paid taxes and contributions that are not due, you can submit a refund request:

  1. sign the request using the Tuition Refund Application form
  2. forward it to with a copy of a valid identity document in PDF format.

N.B. We recommend you to use your UniGe mail (

If your request will be accepted, the administration will issue a refund in the way you choose.

For any refund (total or partial) of the regional tax, you must contact ALISEO directly.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

Settore contribuzione studentesca e benefici
Piazza della Nunziata 6,
16124 Genova
(+39) 010 2095947