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Admission criteria and procedure

Join UniGe

To register for this course of study, you need to go through the procedure online which includes (check out the TUTORIAL):

  1. The registration to this Portal (if you have never been registered at the University of Genoa)
  2. The pre-registration: in the screen that will appear you will have to enter the credentials received with the registration (previous point)
  3. Registration confirmation
  4. .

To know the deadlines by which you can enroll in UniGe consult the page Dates

Support the verification of initial preparation

Follow the instructions to understand the manner and timing of the initial preparation check.

Support the English test

As indicated on the page English Project Freshmen - CLAT Language Skills Development, in the first year there is a Assessment Test for those who do not present B1 level certification or higher.

The test corresponds to the teaching code 53394 English Language Proficiency Test, to be included in the syllabus. The English Language Proficiency Test is compulsory for freshmen in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, while freshmen in Philosophy, Humanities and History  may take the test in one of the other languages provided (FrenchSpanishGerman).

The test is a test in one of the other languages provided (FrenchSpanishGerman).