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What are OFAs

Additional Educational Obligations (OFAs) are supplementary activities to make up for any gaps revealed in the initial-preparation-check.

If you have been assigned OFAs, you can still register and take classes, but you will have to make them up during your first year of the course.


How to recover OFAs

To learn how to retrieve OFAs, visit the dedicated section of UniGe's TE.L.E.MA.CO. page.

For the Humanities Course

In case of failing the TE.S.E.O. test, you will have to take some exams in priority, for a total of 12 CFUs among the following teachings: 

Classical Curriculum

Italian Literature (64901), Latin Literature (64886), Greek Literature (64873)

Modern Curriculum

Italian Literature (64901), History of the Italian Language (64908), Romance Philology (64895)

Music and Performing Arts Curriculum

Italian Literature (64901), Modern History (64929)

Classical Curriculum

In case of Latin OFA you will have to take the Advanced Latin Lectureship (teacher in charge: Alice Bonandini

For information visit the Lectoriates


To support students who have been assigned the OFA in Greek, a series of meetings will be activated in the first semester in which translation will be practiced and targeted in-depth study of morphology and syntax topics will be possible. Please follow the notices posted on the course home page.

Dates and time will be agreed with the professor in charge of the access test and Greek remediation (Lara Pagani

After that, to fulfill the OFA you will have to pass a test, similar to the access test, for which two dates will be fixed between January and February.