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Final project

What is

The final examination consists of the discussion, before a committee, of a written paper on a topic chosen from one of the subjects in your study plan.

The final examination involves a referee and a coreferent.
The referee must be the lecturer of one of the teachings you have included in your study plan, including the elective exam (as long as it is on topics closely related to the cultural profile of the Course). At least one of the referee and coreferent must be a faculty member related to the course of study.

To be admitted to the final examination, you must have passed the examinations of all the subjects included in your study plan and earned the credits related to the other educational activities provided by the regulations.

What to do to graduate

If you are an undergraduate you must:


The Departments of the Humanities Area of the School of Humanities provide 7 appeals, distributed as follows:
June - July - October - November - December - February - March


If you are a third-year student, the first useful session to be able to graduate is in June, the last one is in March of the following year.

NB: that of February is the last useful session for enrolling in the same year in an open-access unige master's degree (unless different deadlines are set by the relevant teaching facilities for the LM of interest).

If you are an undergraduate student, you must submit the thesis title filing form with three months in advance of the session chosen for discussion.

The title entered on the form is considered provisional; the final title will be the one entered on the degree application. If you have to change the title substantially, for example, if you change the thesis topic or the referring and/or coreference professor, you will have to re-file the form, resulting in the deadlines running again.

The form, duly completed and also signed by the referring professor, should be sent to email

To register for the graduation exam, about 2 months before the session, the service for filling out the online graduation application opens.

The graduation application is filled out online from Student Portal (UnigePass authentication is required), at the same time as filling out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire.

The graduation application approved online by the Lecturer NOT must be delivered to the Student Desk, as well as it is not necessary to deliver the receipt of completion of the AlmaLaurea questionnaire.

By the graduation application deadline, remember to:


Non-registration of exams and other educational activities does not prevent the completion and online confirmation of the graduation application, which must be done by the deadline.

You can only make the graduation stamp payment after confirming the online graduation application.

In order to graduate, however, you will have to check that everything is registered online.

You can check your status by accessing the Graduation Dashboard.

By the deadlines indicated in the table with the deadlines, you must deliver to your Referee and Coreference a copy of the paper, in the manner agreed upon directly with the lecturers (delivery of a bound copy or transmission by e-mail or other service such as Wetransfer).

N.B. Uploading the thesis pdf to the dedicated portal is not required for bachelor's degrees, although it is indicated within the Dashboard. It is required only for master's degrees.

By the deadline for submitting your dissertation you must verify that you have returned any library materials you may have borrowed from the libraries. To do this, log on to your Online Services portal > Webstudents

Compilation of questionnaires of teaching evaluation is an important tool to bring out any critical issues and weaknesses of study courses.

If you are a regularly enrolled student, you can fill out the annual evaluation questionnaire for your course of study at the end of each academic year.

N.B. The annual evaluation is not available for students enrolled out of course.

You can apply for graduation only after you have completed the annual teaching evaluation questionnaire (unless the deadline has passed: then there is no block).


The grade should take into consideration the curricular course and the result of the test discussion.

To your weighted average of the grades obtained during the course of study, expressed in hundredths, are added:

  • 1 point if you are current
  • 1 point if you have participated in an international mobility program during which you have successfully taken examinations for at least 12 CFU for a period of study equal to one semester and at least 18 CFU for a period of study equal to two consecutive semesters
  • up to 3 points for the quality of the final examination

When the score reaches (or exceeds) 110, the committee unanimously may award the lode upon the proposal of the lecturer.

N.B. You can graduate only if you scored no less than 66 out of 110.



Deposit of thesis title

via email to

at least 3 months in advance

A) Application for Graduation and Almalaurea
B) Registered exams and fees in good standing (including payment of the Graduation Stamp)

Online services

see webpage Graduation Sessions Calendar

Thesis volumes

to Referee and Coreferent (in the manner agreed upon directly with faculty)

see web page Calendar graduation sessions

Technical Directions.

Electronic presentation

If you want to use an electronic presentation during the discussion, you can test it 30 minutes before the start of the graduation session by making arrangements with the technical support of the Chair.

Tomake an appointment call the Technical Office at 010 209 51485 on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 2 to 3 p.m.