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Reports and complaints

Your opinion is very important to us because it enables us to improve the quality of training activities, teaching structure and services.

If you would like to report:

  • observations on teaching and student services
  • problems to be reported to the governing bodies of your course

you can do so by following the complaints reporting procedure.


Suggestions/suggestions: observations on general problems concerning teaching and services for students and teachers and suggestions for their improvement. 

Complaints/Reclamations: formal complaints about facts or behaviour which the plaintiff considers inappropriate and in respect of which he feels aggrieved.

The procedure outlines how students or staff can proceed if they encounter problems with teaching activities and contextual services, which they feel should be reported to the CCS, Department and School management bodies.

The procedure is in addition to the use of the usual communication channels for students, reported on the forms  Aulaweb student information (LTLM) for enquiries and communication of problems for which there is no need to maintain confidentiality. 

The CCS ensures that reports are taken into account, verifies their validity, assigns them to the appropriate management bodies and ensures, to the reporter, a rapid response (within 20 days). 

No anonymous reports will be taken into consideration, nor will reports that do not state precise and verifiable facts.

The author of the report will be protected against any form of discrimination or penalisation and will be guaranteed absolute confidentiality. His or her identity will not be divulged, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of the University's rights.

The CCS makes available two email addresses to which students and staff may write for reports and complaints relating to teaching activities and its organisation. These addresses are in addition to the modes of communication made available at the School of Science MFN and University level (as described in the Annex to this procedure):

The person responsible for handling such reports and complaints is the CCS Delegate for Reporting and Complaints.

The Delegate:

  • In the case of reports and complaints pertaining to the areas of competence of the CCS and with clearly identified reporter/complainant:
    • Is in charge of handling the report/complaint as quickly as possible (generally within 20 days), interacting with the CCS delegates, and periodically updating the person who made the report/complaint on the progress of the appropriate improvement and corrective actions
    • Treat all information confidentially and confidentially. This principle should also be applied to any persons named in reports and complaints.
    • Refrains from handling the report/complaint in the case of direct involvement and redirects the request to the address
    • Registers and archives reports and complaints, assigning the type according to the following classification, together with the final outcome of their handling and the time it took to handle them.

      4.1. Availability of teachers; 
      4.2. Teaching programmes; 
      4.3. Delivery of educational activities;
      4.4. Methods of evaluation;
      4.5. Organisation of lectures, timetable and schedule of profit and thesis examinations;
      4.6 Other reports related to teaching activities.

  • Periodically, upon request of the Coordinator or the QA Committee, the Delegate sends a summary report of the reports and complaints received in a certain period, highlighting their type, final outcome, and response time.
  • In the event of reports and complaints that are not relevant to the areas of competence of the CCS but with clearly identified reporter/complainant, the Delegate redirects the reporter/complainant to the competent bodies, according to the table below. The email addresses in the table may also be used independently by the reporter/complainant.



Subject of the report/complaint


Email address

 1. Information 

1.1. Clarity of procedures and responsibilities of administrative practices; 

1.2. Clarity and completeness of signage in facilities; 

1.3. Adequacy and completeness of information on the website; 

1.4. Readability and comprehensibility of forms; 

1.5. Availability of personnel; 

1.6. Fairness and homogeneity in the treatment of users; 

1.7 Other reports related to administrative aspects 

Student Secretariat of the School of Sciences MFN

2. Logistics and Support for teaching activities 

2.1. Size and numerosity of classrooms, laboratories, study rooms;
2.2. Equipment and maintenance of classrooms and laboratories;
2.3. Hours of access to libraries and any other public places;
2.4. Accessibility of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, study rooms;
2.5. Classroom management; 
2.6. Initial checks and possible management of OFAs;
2.7. Online procedures (booking exams, recognition of CFUs, exemptions);
2.8 Other reports related to the management/logistics of the didactic offer 


DIBRIS Education Office Manager

3. Background services, offered by the University and School

3.1. Entry orientation services; 

3.2. Tutoring and in-itinere guidance services; 

3.3. Services for traineeships and accompaniment to employment; 

3.4. Services for International Relations 

4.5 Other reports related to educational context services 



Student Desk

4. Didactic activity and its organisation

4.1. Availability of teachers; 

4.2. Teaching programmes; 

4.3. Delivery of training activities; 


4.5. Organisation of lectures, timetable and schedule of examinations and dissertations; 

4.6 Other reports related to teaching activities 


Delegate for Reporting and Complaints for CCS in Computing

For LT Computer:

For the LM Computer Science: