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Students representatives

✅ Course Council

This is the body that can help you solve problems in your course. You can contact us for problems that affect the organization of your course and teaching.

What does it do?

The most important functions involve:

  • mediating the relationship between students and faculty
  • approving student files (study plan, recognition of Erasmus exams, transitions and transfers)
  • designing and evaluating educational offerings
  • approving curricular and extracurricular activities (events, internships, conferences)


Gianluca Bottiglieri -
Mattia Centonze -
Alice Rossetti -
Ivan Gallo -
Diana Ivan -

Starting from November 2023 the representatives for the three years 2023/2025 will be: 

Leonardo Necordi -
Tommaso Picardo -
Federico Puggioni  -
Simone Tomasella -
Alice Rossetti -
Andrea Stucchi -
Vlad Tabusca -


Academic Senate

It is the UniGe governing body with policy and teaching direction: you can contact us to resolve issues of university policy and space management in the university.

What does it do?

The most important functions are:

  • establish and amend regulations
  • provide opinions to the Board of Directors
  • provide an opinion on the budget and management of finances
  • manage the educational offerings of UniGe


Student Representatives in the Academic Senate -


Alessandro Agazzi Velazquez -
Benedetta Motta -
Dalia Raafat -
Carlo Riccardo Raggi -

Department Council

The Department Council is the body where decisions are made regarding the activities carried out by the Department. You can contact us for issues related to the organization of teaching and research.

What does it do?

The Department Council is in charge of approving:

  • internal economic matters
  • student practices (Erasmus exam recognition, graduation advance requests)
  • training offerings
  • examination calls and graduation sessions
  • research projects


Alessio Cardini -
Muhammad Ali Haider Dar -
Federico Figari Tomenotti -
Alice Rossetti -
Sandeep Soleti -

School Board

It is in charge of facilities management and the departments that are part of it. You can contact us for problems regarding evaluation questionnaires, classroom and space management.

What does it do?

The School Council is in charge of:

  • infrastructure and services
  • instructional offerings
  • management costs
  • examination of course and teaching evaluation forms
  • approval of certain departmental decisions


Federico Dassereto -
Irene Della Valle -
Davide Papi -
Alice Rossetti -
Gabriel Surdo -
Niccolò Venerandi -

Board of Directors

It is the university's governing body of policy and financial direction: you can contact us for general issues about the student fee system and the management of UniGe's spaces/facilities.

What does it do?

The most important decisions relate to:

  • approval of the budget
  • forecasting of future expenditures
  • use of financial and personnel resources
  • determination of taxes and benefits


Student Representatives in the Board of Trustees,


Anna Benedetta Barbato -
Antonio Bertani -