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Info 2023/2024

Degree type
Single-cycle master degree
Duration and credits
LM-85 bis
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From 0 to 3000 euros per year. Find out if you are entitled to scholarships and exemptions
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Bando di ammissione

The course in brief


The course qualifies for teaching in preschool and elementary school. It is divided into teachings, laboratories and internship activities that, integrated with each other, allow the development of pedagogical, methodological-didactic and psychological skills. The teachings of disciplinary didactics contribute to complete the training of the future teacher. The course takes care of training for the reception and integration of pupils with disabilities.

Learning by doing

Group lab work and internship at schools to critically explore the topics covered in the course and the essential aspects of the teaching profession.

Professional outlets

Teacher in kindergarten and elementary school.
Lecturer for adult literacy.
Possibility of teaching in Italian schools abroad, with which the course has specific agreements.

Did you know that.

  • More than 90 percent of graduates find employment within a year of graduation
  • The course confers a dual certification: in kindergarten and primary education
  • Acquired skills enable successful completion of public competitions for entry to the role


The Bachelor of Science in Primary Education provides:


  • a course of study divided between basic and characterizing disciplines (psycho-pedagogical, methodological-educational, technological and research), laboratories and internships. Traineeships enable the application of acquired knowledge, e.g., by developing teaching materials, building tools, developing reflective, critical and collaborative skills through group work and discussions
  • specific, intercultural and inclusive training of pupils with disabilities, Teaching for the reception of students with disabilities
  • the in-depth study of the content being taught in the two school orders under consideration, School knowledge
  • the acquisition of the skills of English language level B2.


9322_Andrea Traverso

Welcome to the Master of Science in Primary Education degree program! Our community - students, faculty, tutors and all staff - is strongly committed to facilitating your learning and taking care of your needs. You can become a qualified primary or preschool teacher, studying in a pleasant and informal atmosphere, guided by motivated faculty.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

The Department of Education Sciences - DISFOR is in Genoa at Corso A. Podestà 2. It is a 10-minute walk from Brignole station.


The main entrance is on the Monumental Bridge, but coming from Brignole station the most convenient entrance is on Via Foscolo 6, at the end of the pedestrian street Via S. Vincenzo.

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