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To become a teacher in kindergarten or elementary school, it is necessary to earn a degree in Primary Education.

It is the only course that qualifies you to teach for these two school orders and allows you to participate in public competitions.

What will you study

The teachings are divided into the areas:

  • psychopedagogical and methodological-educational: e.g. General Pedagogy, General Education, Developmental Psychology, Sociology of Education, etc
  • School knowledge: Image Education, Music Education, Mathematics Education, Motor Education, Geography Education, History Education, Italian Language Education, etc
  • .
  • Teaching for the accommodation of students with disabilities: Special pedagogy, Psychology of disabilities, etc
  • labs: English Language (one lab per year), Instructional Technology, etc.; many teachings are accompanied by a lab that makes theoretical knowledge practical
  • internship: activities in educational institutions and the university assisted by tutors and host teachers.

    After graduation

    Achieving the dual certification will allow you to teach in both preschool and elementary school.

    The teacher

    Who is he


    Teacher in kindergarten and elementary school.

    What does she do?

    Teaches in kindergarten and elementary school.

    Where does she work?

    In preschool and elementary school and in permanent territorial centers.