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Essential information

What is it

AlmaLaurea is a public Interuniversity Consortium that includes many Italian universities, one of which is UniGe.
The service was born in 1994 as a meeting point between teenagers, universities and companies, giving itself two important targets:

  • collect information and evaluations from graduates to know their university career and employment status
  • make available online the curricula of:
    • recent graduates, to facilitate their entry into the world of work
    • graduates with many years of work experience, to facilitate the matching of supply and demand for qualified work

From the experience of AlmaLaurea were created AlmaDiploma, an online portal connecting secondary schools, universities and the job market, and AlmaOrièntati, an orientation guidance for secondary school students about to graduate who need help in choosing their university course.

The questionnaire

The member universities of AlmaLaurea ask their undergraduates, through a questionnaire that guarantees privacy, to express an evaluation of the university experience they are about to conclude and to provide a series of personal curricular information. The data, aggregated and anonymous, are used by the MIUR (Ministero dell'Istruzione, Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca) for the evaluation of universities and by AlmaLaurea to carry out surveys on graduates. By filling in the questionnaire you contribute:

  • to improve UniGe
  • to help future students in their orientation
  • to monitor how your job profile fits into the world of work

To fill in the questionnaire you must have AlmaLaurea access credentials.

Are you already enrolled in AlmaLaurea?  

If this is your first time accessing the service, you have to sign in to the portal.

If you are already enrolled in AlmaLaurea:

  1. Connect to AlmaLaurea
  2. Access to your personal area with your AlmaLaurea credentials. If you have forgotten your Username or Password, you will find on the site all the instructions to retrieve them
  3. In the My qualifications section select Add a qualification
  4. Fill in the Insert Title or Non-certified Study Experience section
  5. In the section My titles you will activate the icon Fill in the questionnaire
  6. At the end of the filling in process, please print the receipt that you will have to give to the Student Desk when you submit your degree application.

Access problems

If you have problems with your AlmaLaurea credentials you can:

The AlmaLaurea CV for work and traineeship

A part of the questionnaire is used to assemble your AlmaLaurea resume, which is stored in the database after you have given your consent. UniGe makes your CVs available to institutions and companies interested in your profile. Remember to complete and update your CV on the dedicated page of AlmaLaurea.

Moreover, through the new online platform, you have the possibility to view job offers and traineeships inserted by companies. If you have filled in your AlmaLaurea CV, you can send it automatically through the system, applying for the offer you are interested in.

Learn more

For more information, please contact the Settore placement e servizi di orientamento al lavoro.