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Conference "Stones and Time. Modern Fates of Medieval Sculpture" (January 30 - February 2)

le pietre e il tempo

From January 30 to February 2, 2024 the conference "Stones and Time. Modern Destinies of Medieval Sculpture", curated by Laura Cavazzini (University of Trento), Clario Di Fabio (University of Genoa) and Paola Vitolo (University of Naples Federico II), dedicated to the reuse and re-functionalization of medieval sculpture in modern age contexts.

The reuse of medieval sculpture, its repurposing and reworking represented in the modern age the privileged ways in which the legacy of the past was appropriated and actualized by individuals, groups and communities. In this way they helped reactivate and pass on in eloquent forms a complex system of values, meanings and symbols that, settling in collective memory, became part of more general processes of historical reflection. 

The conference, involving experts from the international scientific community, provides an opportunity to present and discuss the outcomes of the two-year research project "Memory and Identity. Reuse, Reworking and Rearrangement of Medieval Sculpture in the Modern Age, between Historical Research and New Technologies" (FISR2019_05012), dedicated to these crucial issues and conducted by the University of Genoa in collaboration with the Universities of Naples Federico II and Trento.

Complete participation in the four-day conference will allow students in the degree programs in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and History of Art to acquire one formative credit.