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Other activities

What are

The course of study includes the obligation to acquire CFUs by performingOther Activities that are closely related to your university course and useful for your placement in the world of work.


You can enter the code for Other Activities in your syllabus indifferently in your first or second year.

N.B.The Other Activities can be carried outat any time during the three years but you can only apply for their recognition provided that you have entered the corresponding code in your syllabus. If you have not entered it, you will still be able to carry out activities that are useful for earning Other Credits.To submit documentation you will have to wait until the following academic year, when you enter the code for the educational activity in your plan.

Recognized activities

To acquire the single mandatory CFU you can choose from:

  • the attendance of one of the Laboratories offered, which can be consulted at the link
  • the participation, certified with a certificate, in conferences and seminars (recognized as creditable by the Course).
  • .
  • you can also choose to add the CFU of other activities to the 3 CFU of Internships, bringing the latter from 75 to 100 hours.

The following will not be recognized:

  • attestations of attendance in language or computer courses obtained prior to enrollment or pre-enrollment in the Course
  • .
  • activities performed by the applicant in the form of paid professional services. If relevant to the subject matter of the Course, they may be recognized only after the submission of specific documentation proving the performance of the activity itself outside working hours and salary agreements
  • professional activities related to the protection, conservation, dissemination and enhancement of cultural heritage (carried out by figures such as restorers, registered appraisers, gallery owners and antiquarians, artisans)
  • activities far from the training purposes of the Course, such as volunteer and assistance activities
  • activities carried out independently where it is not possible to verify, on the basis of an attendance record, the actual number of hours devoted

We recommend that you turn in documentation proving the completion ofother activities at least three months prior to the scheduled date for thesis discussion. Incomplete or incorrectly completed paperwork (e.g.: lack of matriculation year and code to which internships and other activities refer in the study plan) will not be reviewed.

N.B. Only credits accrued from the date of enrollment or pre-enrollment in the Course are recognized useful for the purpose of achieving the required CFUs. Accordingly, excess CFUs from internships or other activities carried out previously will not be recognized.



Riconoscimento CFU

Per richiedere il riconoscimento di crediti altri devi consegnare al docente referente della Commissione Crediti altri, almeno tre mesi prima della discussione finale, il modulo specifico con una documentazione cartacea che attesti:

  • l’attività svolta e/o la competenza acquisita
  • la durata dell’attività

Puoi presentare anche un'autocertificazione relativa alla durata delle attività formative. In questo caso la Commissione Crediti altri, procedendo con controlli a campione, potrebbe richiederti successivamente la documentazione formale.

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Per avere informazioni puoi contattare la Commissione Crediti altri