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Lingua inglese

Language proficiency

Language proficiency is for you to consolidate your English skills and be more competitive in entering the world of work. The required level is B2.

How to get it

You can obtain the aptitude, which is compulsorily scheduled in the first year within your study plan, by passing a test, in preparation for which you can choose to take the L-LIN/12 English Language B2 course offered in manifest by the course itself (you can consult in this menu Teachings and Exam Calendar). You will get a passing grade.


Your eligibility will be automatically awarded if you have:

  • a bachelor's degree in languages (with English as the language of study or at least two ssd L-LIN/12 exams per floor)
  • a B2 level already achieved during your previous bachelor's degree
  • a certificate of language proficiency issued by recognized international certifying bodies (Cambridge, Oxford, TOEFL, IELTS) of B2 level or higher.

The three possible modes of exemption are implemented only if the relevant qualifications, which can be documented, have been obtained within the last four years.

If you meet any of the three conditions described, you can send documentation to the course instructor to request immediate recognition of eligibility.


If you have obtained eligibility by taking L-LIN/12 English Language B2 offered by the course itself, you can request a statement of your level of English proficiency.