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Admission criteria and procedure

Admission requirements

You can enroll in the course if you hold one of these titles:

  • Bachelor's degree in one of the classes specified below ex D.M. 270/2004 (L-1 Cultural Heritage; L-3 Disciplines of Figurative Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Fashion; L-4 Industrial Design; L-5 Philosophy; L-10 Humanities; L-11 Modern Languages and Cultures; L-15 Tourism Sciences; L-17 Architectural Sciences; L-19 Education and Training Sciences; L-20 Communication Sciences; L-40 Sociology; L-42 History; L-43 Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage) and ex D.M. 509/1999 (4. Architectural Sciences and Construction Engineering; 5. Humanities; 11. Modern languages and cultures; 13. Cultural heritage sciences; 14. Communication sciences; 18. Education and training sciences; 23. Science and technology of visual arts, music, performing arts and fashion; 29. Philosophy; 36. Sociological sciences; 38. Historical sciences; 39. Tourism sciences; 41. Technologies for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage);
  • .
  • the former four-year degree recognized as eligible;
  • .
  • level academic degree issued by an institution belonging to the AFAM system that allows the recognition of 54 CFUs related to educational activities essential for the LM-89 class in Art History;
  • foreign degree that allows the recognition of the 54 CFUs related to indispensable educational activities for the LM-89 class in Art History.

Did you get your degree abroad?

If you graduated abroad, you will have to take a proof of Italian language proficiency.

If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

Curricular requirements

If you have obtained a bachelor's degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (also ex DM 509/99 and ex DM 270/04) from the University of Genoa or from other universities (but with the curriculum 'historical-artistic heritage'), you do not have to take the verification of the curricular requirements, but you can directly access the admission interview. You will be exempt from the latter if you have obtained a graduation grade of 105/110 or higher.

Differently, you must apply for assessment of curricular requirements by sending an email to the Coordinator (, attaching self-certification of exams taken in your past career.

The Coordinator will verify that, in your previous career, you have taken: at least 54 CFUs in the following scientific-disciplinary fields, which are considered indispensable as basic knowledge: L-ANT/07 Classical Archaeology; L-ANT/08 Christian and Medieval Archaeology; L-ART/01 Medieval Art History; L-ART/02 Modern Art History; L-ART/03 Contemporary Art History; L-ART/04 Museology and Art Criticism and Restoration; L-FIL-LET/02 Greek Language and Literature; L-FIL-LET/04 Latin Language and Literature; L-FIL-LET/08 Medieval and Humanistic Latin Literature; L-FIL-LET/10 Italian Literature; L-FIL-LET/11 Contemporary Italian Literature; ICAR/13 Industrial Design; ICAR/16 Interior architecture and exhibition design; ICAR/18 History of architecture; M-FIL/04 Aesthetics; M-STO/01 Medieval history; M-STO/02 Modern history; M-STO/04 Contemporary history; M-STO/06 History of religions; M-STO/07 History of Christianity and churches; M-STO/08 Archivistics, bibliography and librarianship, of which compulsorily at least 24 CFUs in at least three of the scientific-disciplinary fields L-ART/01, L-ART/02, L-ART/03, L-ART/04, ICAR/18.

If a lack of CFUs in the above SSDs will be found, you will have to fill it by taking specific exams (bridging career registration).

You can apply for assessment of curricular requirements even if you are an undergraduate.

2. Register and pre-register

UniGe Portal Registration

If you have never been enrolled at the University of Genoa, access the UniGe Portal and get your UniGePASS credentials (for more information you can watch the TUTORIAL).


Make apply for pre-registration using the UniGePASS credentials you received with your registration.