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Info 2023/2024

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Bachelor degree course
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The course in brief


The course has two curricula:


  • Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • .
  • Modern Languages and Cultures for Business and Tourism
  • .

Both curricula provide solid competencies in two foreign languages--chosen from Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and German--and in related literatures, cultures, and linguistics.

Learning by doing

The course includes annual cycles of language exercises and benefits from numerous national and international agreements to conduct traineeships and to spend a period of study abroad.

Professional outlets

  • Cultural services: publishing, journalism, radio and television, Italian and foreign cultural institutes and foundations, book heritage preservation
  • domestic and international business enterprises and activities
  • cultural tourism
  • organization of artistic and cultural events and exhibitions
  • cultural-linguistic intermediation

The course can also be preparatory for access to teacher training.

What you will learn

  • foreign languages

    Language practice and reflection on language

  • foreign literatures and cultures

    literary texts, culture, cinema, art

  • linguistics

    how languages work

  • philologies

    Where languages come from and how they were formed

  • sectorial languages

    the specialty languages of business and tourism

  • history, geography, economics

    an opening to the world

Did you know that.

  • You will have the opportunity to study or intern in over thirty countries
  • You will study in an international environment, with students from all over the world
  • you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in an internship in Italy or abroad


The course of study in Modern Languages and Cultures aims to provide the student with written and oral skills in two foreign languages, a good knowledge of relative cultures and an adequate basic training in theoretical linguistics and Italian language and literature, as well as mastery of the main computer tools and telematic communication in the areas of specific competence.

The course prepares the graduate for job placement in the fields of cultural services, business and commercial activities, cultural tourism, the organization of events and manifestations of a historical-artistic nature, and linguistic-cultural intermediation.

At the end of the course, alternatively, the graduate may decide to continue studies in the master's degree programs in Modern Languages and Literatures for Cultural Services (Master's degree interclass LM-37 and LM-38) and in Translation and Interpreting (Master's degree interclass LM-94), or to undertake the qualifying paths for teaching foreign languages in secondary schools.


Nasser Ahmed Ismail

Welcome to the Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages and Cultures! The our community-students, faculty, tutors, and all staff-work every day to enable you to live and study in an open, international, and stimulating environment. Over the next three years you can gain proficiency in two of the foreign languages offered (Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, German.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Course Location
Palazzo Serra
Piazza Santa Sabina 2
16124 Genova

In the course venue you will find faculty offices, administrative offices and the library.


The classrooms are distributed over several teaching locations:

  • Learning Pole
    Via delle Fontane 10
  • Albergo dei Poveri
    Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 2
  • Palazzo dell'Università
    Via Balbi 5

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School of Humanities Student Secretariat
Via Balbi 4
16126 Genova
+39 010 209 51690