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Other activities

What are

The course of study includes the obligation to acquire CFUs by performingOther Activities that are closely related to your university course and useful for your placement in the world of work.


Each CFU corresponds to a commitment of 30 hours (study/work).
Remember that you will not be awarded credits in excess of the number provided in your syllabus for "Other Activities." Certified but excess hours of commitment cannot be counted in place of the basic, characterizing, related/integrative or elective educational activities provided by your Course's regulations.

In your study plan you have available, depending on the curriculum you choose, from 9 to 12 CFUs for other activities, of which 6 CFUs are for computer skills.

Recognized activities

Other internal activities

Some of these activities are organized within your Course, such as the training internships and orientation (promoted by the Tutoring and Orientation Committee) and the Courses in Computer Science.

Also fall under Other Activities internally, all seminars and laboratories that allow you to gain useful experience in starting work.


You may include in your study plan, as "other activities", additional language knowledge if you pass an examination of an extra foreign language taught in the Department, besides the Language A and B provided in the standard curriculum.

You must include in your study plan the "Third language" teachings with the code related to 6 CFU (e.g. Arabic Language I code 55868, 6 CFU). Under no circumstances can the third foreign language included in the study plan be validated in the manner provided for "other external activities" (see below).

If you want to allocate "other" credits to the third language, we recommend that you contact the Study Plans Committee, which will help you evaluate how to do so.

If you have spent a period of study abroad at another university and have passed proficiency exams for an appropriate number of CFUs (set annually by the course council based on the guidance of the national Erasmus agency), you can apply for your stay to be recognized as Another Activity up to a maximum of 6 CFUs.

Other external activities

Language courses belong to this category:

  • different from those included in your study plan
  • frequented at Italian and foreign public institutions (assessable at the discretion of the "Recognition of other external activities" committee on the basis of the documentation submitted, which in any case must include a certificate of passing an exam or acquiring a level of proficiency)

Language acquisitions also include courses attended during your Erasmus stay (appropriately included in the learning agreement). Remember, however, that the languages studied must be different from those included in your study plan and that you must pass the relevant exam.

Temporary work activities with tasks that explicitly require mastery of skills provided by the courses and, in particular, the written and oral use of the languages studied can be recognized.

You may obtain credits for Other Activities if you have participated, for a total commitment of 30 hours (1 CFU), in:

  • conferences
  • seminars

of proven cultural authority, organized by the University or public or private institutions.

You will have to write and submit a report on the topics covered or the performance of activities related to the event (e.g., interpreting activities).

N.B.To check the relevance of the topics covered, we recommend that you consult in advance the committee "Recognition of other external activities".

Unrecognized activities

As a rule, the following are excluded:

  • learning courses in disciplines unrelated to the courses of study
  • employments with permanent contracts
  • language skills acquired as part of schooling

CFU Recognition

To obtain credit for Other Activities:

  • external:you must apply by the 15th of each month
  • internal:will be recognized automatically

To read the regulations and download the form to apply for recognition, visit the dedicated page on Aulaweb.
On the same page you will be able to upload all the required documentation (applications must be filled out clearly in all their parts, otherwise they will be excluded from evaluation):

  • about the type, e.g. translations, interpreting, language tour guide, intercultural mediation, secretarial work involving contact with foreign clients, word processing in a foreign language, delivery of lectures of/in a foreign language, and the like
  • about the manner of the activity performed, with precise indication of the period (start day and end day) and the number of hours actually performed

All documentation must be issued by the relevant institution or company on letterhead and signed by the person responsible, thus excluding any form of self-certification.

The committee may recognize credits only upon completion of the activity, i.e., performed for the number of hours corresponding to the required credits.